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I have no cooking experience. Is that ok?

No problem. IRS curriculums are designed for such beginners to acquire necessary basic skills, so let's learn with IRS from scratch.

IRS recommends such beginners to take Pro Training Course instead of Short-term Pro Training course in which the progress of lessons is so fast.

I am so young (or aged). Is that ok?
Yes, your age is not the matter, as long as you are eager to learn.
I heard that schools often force a purchase of equipments…

IRS strongly recommends you to start up your shop with the lowest cost.

All you need to open Ramen shop are some stockpots, stoves, kitchen knives, and chopping boards. Excess investments may lead you to failure.

If you have right skills, you can cook your Ramen well with low costs.

IRS will introduce recommendable equipments just upon your request.

Is it possible to complete in a shorter period of time?

If you already have a rich experience of cooking or know how to cook Ramen, you'd better take the Practical Course A or B.

Otherwise, by taking the Short-term Pro Training Course, you can graduate earlier.

There are some specific reasons why IRS secures a considerable length of time for the courses.

It's not only because you will not be well skillful in a short time but also because you may not be able to keep a good hierarchical relationship with an experienced staff you employ due to your inexpertness. Therefore, you need to learn for sufficient hours in order to properly understand and firmly acquire the necessary skills for running a shop.

I want to pay the tuition in installments…

You can utilize the affiliated loan, or IRS scholarship scheme, whichever is suitable.

What kind of backup schemes are available after graduation?

You can contact IRS at any time even after you have opened your shop.

IRS will provide you with necessary information, experience, and knowledge as much as available to support you.

However, please be aware that IRS does not guarantee your sales or success.

If you graduate from Pro Training Course or Short-term Pro Training Course, Franchising System and Business Support System are available for you.

  • Request for Brochures / Inquiries from Here!IRS dispatches the full information about courses and support systems.
  • Free Explanatory / Consulting Meetings To be held at any time!IRS holds explanatory meetings at any time regarding the courses and shop-opening, to answer your questions and concerns.
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