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Giving Full Support for Opening your Ramen Restaurant

Turning to be a Ramen shop owner…For that, IRS TELLS YOU ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!Yes, that is everything of IRS.Every necessary practical program in a highly condensed manner is here for you, from how to cook Ramen through how to open and manage your shop.We'll back up every inexperienced students at a full stretch, to be the professional Ramen Man.

Practical school, never to fail after your dream has come true.

It is often said, "what I have struggled the most after opening my Ramen shop is to keep serving it everyday in the same taste, in the supreme condition."
For winning success in the highly competitive Ramen industry, it is at least required that your Ramen always provides 100% of its taste.
IRS delivers all the skills and tips in practical lessons held at a real restaurant in Yokohama, in which you actually cook Ramen day by day, for ensuring you to get fully confident in cooking the best Ramen everyday before you open your own shop.


You'll acquire the unique skills for Ramen that are not obtainable in a day by receiving kind and gracious coaching constantly.
You're not only attending, but physically practicing at a real restaurant in Yokohama.
IRS teaches properly, therefore, Franchising System can be offered.
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It's the proof of trusting students! Business Support System is here for those who are running short of initial fund. > For more info
Location analysis, kitchen designing, business planning, and more! We stand by you always.
You can take up one out of five courses that may suit your purpose.
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Quitting company, planning life after retirement, or a Ramen freak…, in any age, sex, nationality… Nothing as such is the matter here.
As long as you love Ramen, the "practical" programs of IRS ensure you, not experienced in cooking previously, to flap wings to Ramen industry as a pro with full of basic skills and experiences of physical practice at a real restaurant.
All you have to do is to master such skills firmly to be confident in cooking Ramen.


Starting Ramen restaurant is not difficult.If you learn in the skill-master-system of IRS, all you need then are just some kitchen knives and stockpots.
Lessons themselves in IRS including the practice at a real restaurant for a considerable
length of time are the simulation of your future works.
Serving Ramen stably with proper skills is the only way for continuous success.
Your real purpose is not to open your shop, but to run long-lasting business of yours.

  • Request for Brochures / Inquiries from Here!IRS dispatches the full information about courses and support systems.
  • Free Explanatory / Consulting Meetings To be held at any time!IRS holds explanatory meetings at any time regarding the courses and shop-opening, to answer your questions and concerns.
  • [For Corporate Clients]Ramen Business Start-up Tool Business Package
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